Carrier Availability

Carrier Equipment Availability

In recent years, Carrier Asset Availability has become more and more of a problem for suppliers, distributors, and end users in the chemical world. Add to that the increased regulation requirements for drivers to continue and the result can be devastating to you and your customer’s needs.  Paraclete Management can help you solve this problem.



In order to help make the greatest impact to you and your customer’s needs, Paraclete has allied with over 130 carefully vetted, bulk transportation carriers all over the US and Canada to offer you the most comprehensive and safe options of drivers and equipment available today. Our carrier relationships are built on trust, communication, fairness, and paying within terms. We must do this if we are to offer you the best options available at any given moment. To let any one of these pieces fall short falls short of our mission statement, and will not be tolerated. We commit to continuing to find the safest, best, most cost effective carriers available today.

 – Lead time is the best solution to find the most qualified available carrier possible

– Relationships we have with our 130+ carriers give Paraclete Management a competitive edge

– Long term relationships and weekly consistent business with most of our carriers gives us the ability to provide options for carriers in multiple markets.

– Often times we can get better pricing for the same carriers you already use.

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