Fuel Surcharge

Paraclete Fuel Surcharge: 18% 
Effective February 5, 2018

In the transportation world of chemicals, fuel surcharge has to be dealt with, but we are sensitive to it also cutting into your profits. At Paraclete, you will rarely find lower Fuel Surcharges rates anywhere. We will negotiate for every dollar of fuel surcharge cost savings possible and pass that on to you!

The cost of the surcharge will be shown in dollars, not percentages, always clearly stated on each contract on each load once you have tendered it to us.

Our Fuel Surcharge changes are not driven by the calendar. We do not generally move them on a daily, weekly, or even necessarily a monthly basis. Rather, we track and average our carrier fuel surcharge cost at the corporate level, and adjust only as needed to maintain the separate account set up in-house to keep it balanced at a competitive level.

Fuel Surcharge rates will be posted when changed as necessary, both here on our website, as well as email notification.

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