Carrier Selection

Paraclete Enhancement to Daily Carrier Compliance RecordTracking

Paraclete Management, Inc. has taken a technological leap in Carrier Compliance awareness, by linking up with Carrier Watch for daily CSA SMS information updates on all active carriers. This is linked directly to our proprietary Data Base, running this Program in tandem with our current manual in-house Carrier Selection process, which reinforces and fortifies our fundamental pinions in ultimately selecting the most qualified carriers.

Carrier compliance is the most important transportation regulatory issue facing shippers and brokers alike. Protecting your product, the population, and the environment drive the need for safe, reliable alternatives, so reducing the risk potential and undesirable visibility requires selecting the right carriers every time. Adding this critical feature to our carrier scorecard grading system enhances the information used in our overall selection process. Paraclete Management continues to invest significant time, energy, and finances to assure you that carrier compliance and selection process is satisfactorily addressed in the following ways.

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