Doug Vander Ark

Doug is the architect and President of Paraclete Management, Inc. He has 38 years of hands-on experience, coming up through the ranks of the trucking industry as a driver, dispatcher, various manager positions, and sales and marketing. Brokering since 1993, Doug has learned the value of ‘coming alongside’ his clients and coined the phrase ‘by your side’ as a motto for Paraclete. His vision for Paraclete is to serve both the carrier and customer sides of the industry, helping each side better understand the other’s needs and concerns.

He loves boating with his wife, children, and grandchildren, working with the youth at church, or his passion, basketball. Two to three times a week you can find him on the court, showing the young bucks a thing or two. Doug is never too busy to talk with customers, clients, friends, and family. He is never too busy to share his insights on the industry, trucking history, sports, and what he has learned he’s learned along the way.

cell: 360-202-1823


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